REV-SS Primary Pool Pump


2hp replacement • DOE compliant • Single speed primary

A special high-torque, low-rev motor spins a massive Impeller, moving up to 130 GPM.

Constant RPM of 1725 for ultimate energy savings.

The high-flow design ensures cleaner performance and ensures proper water turnover and every corner’s water is refreshed.

Versatile – use with 1-1/2″, 2″, or 2-1/2″ plumbing with no cavitation
quiet operation – compliant with jurisdiction noise restrictions
patents Include “never run dry feature” under normal operating conditions

Easily Interfaces with all timers.
Compatible with all electronics (new and replacement)
Extra heavy-duty seal, saltwater/corrosion resistant/high temp with Interlocking metal band.

California Energy Comm. Certified
IAPMO – U.L. 1081
“plug and play”, no programming, no nuisance service calls

Made in Raleigh, NC. USA





CMI Single Speed ‘Patented’ REV-SS 2 HP Flow Pump

Advantages of the re-imagined REV-SS Single Speed “Made in USA” Pump:

1)  High Torque Drive Motor @ 1725 RPM’s Maximizing Hydraulic Performance

2)  Up To 130 GPM for Recirculation of Chemicals and Cleaning

3)  Simple User ON/OFF Time Clock Interface

4)  Compatible with All Electronics (New and Replacement)

5)  Dual Voltage 115VAC-230VAC

6)  Lowest Decibel Levels for ‘Jurisdiction Noise Restriction’ Compliance