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CMI is the recognized leader for pool and spa electrical equipment, grounding and bonding, and solar pool heating systems. In business since 2002, we offer thousands of products to help pool and spa builders and distributors offer great services and make great profits while doing so.

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We manufacture our own, high-quality products made right here in the USA, and we also private label products to meet distributor & builder needs. With competitive pricing, a wide range of products and readily available stock, we are your one stop shop!

Equipotential Bonding

Equipotential bonding is our specialty. Since stray and contact voltage can exist all over America, it is vital to protect your clients when building a pool. An improperly bonded pool and deck can not only place swimmers at risk of shock or death, but create significant legal liability for the contractor.

Bonding vs Grounding:

Bonding simply put, is the process of connecting metal components together with a metal/electrical connection.

Grounding simply put, is the process of connecting metal components (electrical circuit or device) to the earth with a metal/electrical connection.

Bonding vs Grounding

As it relates to pools, by Bonding all metal components together, it minimizes shock due to un-bonded equipment, but exposes the entire pool system to whatever elevated voltages may be on the utility system neutral, because the National Electrical Code® requires this all to be tied back to the Breaker Panel. Ie., we eliminate static voltage, but expose the pool system to the utility neutral.

Therefore, if there are faults from a homeowner’s circuit due to various possibilities like a water heater, etc, the utility system, or someone nicking/cutting an underground cable, then the pool system will now be at the elevated potential (voltage) because the pool system connects to the utility company’s neutral power line. However, this is ok, because everything on the system is at the same potential (voltage) so a swimmer standing on that equipotential plane creates no path to cause a current flow. Much like an airplane that gets struck by lightning or a bird on a high voltage wire. BUT, once a swimmer steps off the equipotential plane onto the earth/area that is at a different potential (voltage), this creates a path where a current will flow. Depending on the potential (voltage) difference, the current may only be enough to cause slight pain, or it may be enough to cause fibrillation or even burn the swimmer’s body to a crisp.

As of 2017, the National Electrical Code® requires proper equipotential bonding for the metal components and the pool shell itself.

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    As of 2017, the National Electrical Code® requires proper equipotential bonding for the metal components and the pool shell itself. However, testing form NEETRAC, EPRI, and ENERNEX have concluded that the National Electrical Code® (NEC) does NOT adequately protect the person standing on the deck from fatal faults. The pool deck is designed for one purpose, to enter and exit the pool. It is designed to be wet, and being wet makes is highly conductive. The more conductive the deck is, the more it allows stray and contact voltage onto itself. The 2008-2017 versions of the NEC allow a single wire to create the protective equipotential plane, but all tests conducted have proven this to be false. Scientist and industry experts are currently appealing the NFPA’s Code Making Panel to remove the inadequate allowance of a single wire, and insert the requirement for a protective grid. If enacted however, the protective requirement will not become mandatory until the Authorities Having Jurisdiction adopt the 2020 version of the NEC.

The 2005 version of the NEC® required a grid to protect the deck as it did the shell of the pool, but industry lobbying efforts affected the change to lower the level of safety for the 2008 version of the NEC®.

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    The 2005 version of the NEC® required a grid to protect the deck as it did the shell of the pool, but industry lobbying efforts affected the change to lower the level of safety for the 2008 version of the NEC®. Some Pool Industry participants such as CMI, along with Utility Industry participants and testing laboratories have been requesting the reinstatement of this protection in the NEC® since 2008. As of mid-2018, Utility Industry participants and testing labs have finished testing all variations of pools and decks, and are beginning to dramatically increase the pressure for the Code Making Panel to reinstate the proper level of safety. Currently, it is unknown how many deaths have resulted from inadequate protection on the pool deck, but what is known, is that it is NOT the liability of the Utility Companies. The liability lies squarely with the Pool Contractor & Electrician, the individual Code Making Panel 17 members who reject reinstating the proper level of protection for the pool deck, and any organizations involved in reducing the level of safety.

    Succinctly stated, when stray or contact voltage presents itself and elevates the pool system to a higher voltage, as long as the swimmer stays on the equipotential plane the swimmer will feel no effect. As soon as they step off the plane to a different voltage, they create a path for the current to flow and that is when the damage to the swimmer results.

    A swimmer wearing only a swimsuit, soaking wet or immersed up to their chest in water, has a very low resistance and is more adversely affected by current. A wet deck is more conductive, so if it is unprotected and thus at the same potential as the earth but the pool water/system is at a much higher voltage, when the swimmer steps out of the pool or leans on the deck a foot or so out, they will create the path for devastating current. A few feet away from the pool will be safer, as the voltage dissipates farther out. Immediately next to the pool is the most dangerous section, and is why an equipotential bonding grid of rebar or copper is required.

If you are a pool builder, give your clients the best chance at protection with equipotential bonding and grounding solutions from CMI.

If you are a pool owner, demand the contractor constructs the pool system with proper equipotential bonding. CMI representatives will be glad to assist you or them.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating Panels

FREE HEAT! Solar pool heating is a smart option for many homeowners who want to live a greener lifestyle and save money while enjoying their warm pool for longer and longer. Through our patented Thermocraft solar panels, we can help you offer and install a simple solar pool heating system that continues to give your clients return for decades to come.

These panels are very easy to install, incredibly durable, and the design is unique to anything else on the market! You’ll quickly see why our systems are known for “No Stress, No Seams, No Leaks!”

The panel system kit includes everything from the panels to the clamps, couplings, adaptors and tie down plates. Installing solar pool heating has never been so easy or profitable for you, and so enjoyable for your clients!


CMI also offers stunning, high-quality spas at affordable prices. In fact, our poured in place spas cost less than traditional concrete spas, take less time to build, and last longer, too! There are five different shapes and sizes, seating between four and ten persons.


We work with spa builders & contractors around the country to help you offer the luxurious spas your clients want, at a price that makes them happy. The spas are 3’3” deep, with a seat height of 1’10”. There are a set number of components for each spa, but we’ll be happy to help you add in additional jets or lights to customize it for your client. We have many types of spas available, look at our digital catalog and reach out if you have questions or need help making a selection!

With more than 15 years in business, we are proud to offer American-made products that are innovative and designed to meet your needs as a pool builder or distributor.

What Our Customers Are Saying:
  • Our pool heater is 17 years old and broken. Instead of replacing it with a regular gas heater, we went solar. For only a few dollars more, my original pool builder came out and installed Thermocraft Solar Panels by CMI, and now we are making our money back by not having to pay heating bills anymore! We were paying over $300/ month with the gas heater! I also feel great about "going green" and helping the environment.