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The box comes with a selection of ½” or ¾” lock nuts and ears to be used with threaded assemblies, weatherproof hubs, or liquid tight fittings. Using a hole saw, drill holes into the box on the pre-marked lines and build your own combination on the jobsite. Instructions are molded to the back of the box. CMI’s box is economical to stock and gives you the freedom to use the exact size and geometry you need for any job. Meets NEC requirements & is UL Listed.


CMI’s Thermocraft Swimming Pool Light Junction boxes are UL Listed to those rigorous standards. UL established a separate category and Standard just for weatherproof boxes that are designed to connect wires from the electrical panel to the swimming pool light. This Standard is much stricter than typical weatherproof boxes.

The Thermocraft Box uses a Brass Terminal Bar with Stainless Steel screws, while competitors use cheaper aluminum bars with mild steel screws.

CMI’s weatherproof boxes and covers include our proprietary box that is UL Listed for field modification. Now one size replaces a multitude of configurations. This box is available in both Single Double Gang.



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