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Equipotential Bonding

Eliminating stray voltage is accomplished by installing equipotential bonding grids, clamps etc. in swimming pools, spas and decks during the building process. With custom clamps and complete kits — it’s simple to accomplish the safety your customers deserve and the legal protection you need.

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Equipotential Bonding Explained

Equipotential bonding is the best way to create “equal voltage.” A shock, however small, is the presence of voltage differences. As the voltage differences get larger, so does the danger. The amount of voltage that can be present on a pool deck or in a pool or spa could even cause serious harm. There can even be enough to cause death.

The voltage can come from a number of sources. Most often it would be older, damaged or poorly installed electrical. The simplest way to achieve equal voltage is with correct grounding and bonding. Our equipotential bonding grid kits give you everything you need. Done right, even the smallest shocks disappear.

Correct grounding and bonding are a whole field of study just on their own. So, we simplified it. We provide pre-made kits and a catalog of individual parts. Not sure what you need? Just call us and we can help!

Learn more about grounding and bonding and how to solve varying voltages:

Equipotential Bonding Explained

Is there a Code Requirement for Equipotential Bonding of Pools?

Yes, but the current 2017 version of the National Electric Code does NOT meet the minimum level of safety as determined by all labs and research agencies who have conducted testing or research, such as Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), National Electrical Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC), ENERNEX, and IEEE. The current version of the Code has been tested and proven that swimmers standing on the deck or touching it while in the water can receive fatal shocks and are unprotected.

The Pool Industry association is at odds with the Utility Industry Experts on this subject. Construction methods have changed over the years, and the pool industry has taken a stance that proper equipotential bonding is a few hundred dollars of unnecessary expense. This can be seen on the APSP website. The Utility Industry and testing agency experts strongly disagree and maintain that it is only a matter of time before fatalities occur. All precautions should be taken when electricity is in the vicinity of water.

  • Click here to read more about code requirements for equipotential bonding of pools.

    The 2005 version of the Code required proper equipotential bonding of both the pool shell and deck, but since 2008, the requirement for proper equipotential bonding of the deck was removed. Some say it was to reduce costs and increase profit, and the industry associations have lobbied to keep proper safety requirements out of the Code.

    If you experience any level of shock on your deck, even a slight tingle, it is a clear indication of inadequate bonding and exposes a potentially fatal risk. Your pool should be safe a free from any shocking. If your pool builder can’t determine the cause and solve the problem, when Utility companies are asked to assist, they may determine your pool system is unsafe and stop serving the unsafe property with electrical power until the proper safety measure is installed. The only proven measure is to remove the existing deck, install an equipotential bonding grid of either rebar or copper, and reinstall the deck.

    Retrofitting a paver deck with a proper equipotential bonding grid, is not a huge ordeal or expense. Replacing a concrete deck, however, could bear a higher cost depending on the amount of concrete to remove and dispose.

    With the lack of proper safety, your insurance company may increase your rates or refuse to write your policy. It is best to check with your insurance and utility company before you install a pool to determine if your pool will be built with proper equipotential bonding, so that your property will not be deemed unsafe for electrical power service. Subject matter experts here at CMI are also available for consultation and can also put you in touch with the proper utility liaison if there are any questions or concerns.

    If built properly, your pool should improve your heath and provide you years of safe enjoyment. A few proper steps taken during development and construction, will eliminate cause for concern. Enjoy your refreshing and beautiful pool.

Why Use Our Grounding and Bonding Products?

We are the world leaders in grounding and bonding for swimming pools and spas. Nobody else had designed what was needed, so we engineered the perfect solution.

We aren’t just a reseller, we are the designer of the world’s best equipotential bonding products. You aren’t paying for any middle men. You are also getting the world’s best product, engineered for pool builders.

Helping Pool Builders

Our company makes a complex electrical problem into a simple solution. We are also a one stop shop for all your pool electrical products. We pride ourselves on making the process simple. When a part doesn’t exist that would make life easier, we engineer one. When you would normally need to keep buying the same list of parts? We make a kit. Got a unique issue with a swimming pool? We love nothing more than helping create unique and lasting solutions.

Anything we can do to make your job easier, we will do it. Your end product is a happy customer. Ours is a happy pool builder.

We help pool builders with all their equipotential bonding needs nationwide, anywhere in the United States.

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