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Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, marking the close of the summer season and providing a final long weekend to revel in poolside relaxation. Is your pool or spa ready to handle the festivities? Let CMI help you gear up! A Checklist for Labor Day Pool Prep Valves in Check: Ensure your pool’s […]

Pool and spa time should be all about relaxation and fun. But a crucial part of ensuring these enjoyable moments involves taking care of safety measures, and this is where CMI’s Equipotential Bonding Grids come into play. The Role of Equipotential Bonding Grids Equipotential bonding is an essential safety measure for any pool or spa. […]

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better way to enjoy the sunny days than lounging by your pool or spa. But the rising temperatures can mean a lot of extra stress on your pool equipment. This is where CMI comes in with our top-quality valves, designed to help you effortlessly manage your pool and spa systems even in the hottest conditions.

4th of July

As the 4th of July approaches, it’s the perfect time to ensure that your pool and spa are ready for the celebrations. Here at CMI, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality spa and pool equipment, at the most affordable prices. From our premium valves to equipotential bonding grids, our products are designed […]

At every pool show, I have always opined to pool builders that they’re actually manufacturers and should be concerned with Throughput.  Do Pool builders create a living experience and bring people’s dreams to life? Yes.  But when considering the tasks that the builder’s team members execute on a daily basis, you discover they are actually […]

Believe it or not, building a pool in winter is actually the best time to do it! Building during the off-season can mean more availability, more savings, and better deals. That can help you fit the backyard oasis of your dreams in your budget and give the entire family an enticing outdoor living area to […]

Pool Safety During the Holidays

Holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy spending quality time together. The weather is cool, the drinks are warm, and everyone can huddle around the fire while sharing stories throughout the year. Sounds cozy right? But what happens with your pool during the holidays and wintertime while everyone is bundled […]

Tips for Keeping Your Pool Open During the Winter Months

Let’s face it, having a pool is a big investment, and if you’re going to put that kind of money into your home, you want to enjoy it as long as possible, right? If this is a question you find asking yourself, you may have wondered if it is possible to enjoy your pool year-round […]

Holiday Pool Lighting

One of the perks of having your own home pool is being able to enjoy it any time of the year, even during the winter holidays. If you want to spice up your poolside experience, here are some simple and creative ideas to turn your pool area into a festive winter wonderland. 1. String Some […]

How to Avoid the Dangers of Electric Shock Drowning

Many of those who are in or around water daily for enjoyment or work may not know the dangers of electric shock drowning. With proper safeguarding equipment, you can keep yourself and others safe in or around water. Research has shown that many electric shock drowning cases occur in the water near marinas, docks, boating […]

Stray Voltage: Where Does it Come From and How Can it be Avoided?

Stray voltage can, unfortunately, become life-threatening when it is present, and it is more common than most people think. It can occur in the most everyday places, including pools, private or public, spas, marinas, boat docks, and even farms. Thankfully, there is research to help inform people of the dangers of stray voltage, where it […]