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Pool bonding: Why handrails, decks, and water could shock you

Have you ever felt a shock while on your pool deck or while you are swimming? Have you ever considered getting shocked in your pool a possibility, outside of swimming during a thunderstorm? If so, the likely cause is stray voltage, and it is usually related to pools constructed without proper grounding. The practice of […]

Equipotential Bonding Requirements for Permanently Installed Pools

Before we talk about equipotential bonding requirements for a swimming pool, we should first talk about what equipotential bonding is and how it plays a role in you or your clients’ safety. Equipotential bonding creates what is known as “equal voltage.” If you have ever experienced a shock while on your pool deck, then you […]

Diving Boards and Slides: To Bond and Ground or Not to Bond and Ground?

If you have been called to build or expand a swimming pool, your clients might be looking to add such popular accessories as a diving board or slide. If you are a customer, you may have watched your original pool being built and witnessed all the complexities involved. Maybe you’re thinking of adding a diving […]

Maintenance Tips for Your Solar Pool Heating

A swimming pool can provide year-round fun and relaxation; however, it can also be quite expensive to heat and maintain, often diminishing many of the benefits of having a pool or spa. Expense is one of the top reasons people switch to solar pool heating. While it is an initial investment, once the solar panels […]

Different Types of Solar Panels: Pros and Cons

Have you ever looked on a roof of a building or home and seen solar panels and then wondered how they work? Are they just there as a source of heat to make water hot, or do they somehow convert the rays of the sun into energy? With increased awareness of the problems of many […]

How CMI's Venturi Jets Are Different

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a spa tub? Chances are it is not the lights or what kind of sterilizing agent is used. As soon as you enter the tub we all do the same thing – turn on the jets. We know that as soon as […]

Life Spans of Heat, Gas, and Solar Pool Heaters? Which One Lasts the Longest?

As a pool owner, you want to find the most cost-effective and energy-efficient heater out there. There are three types of pool heaters available, each with its own pros and cons. Here’s how they compare. Gas Pool Heater Gas heaters burn either natural gas or propane using a combustion chamber containing copper coils. Water is […]

How Will the New California Solar Energy Mandate Affect the Housing Market?

The new solar energy mandate taking effect January 1 could make life for new homebuyers in California a little more challenging. Newly constructed single-family homes and multi-family homes three stories or less will be

Common Mistakes in Pool Grounding and Bonding

Proper grounding and bonding around a swimming pool are critical because water conducts electricity. There are five common grounding and bonding mistakes professionals commonly make when constructing a pool. Here’s how to avoid them. The first error is a basic principle but bears repeating: not knowing the difference between grounding and bonding wires. As a […]

Solar Pool Heating and Roof Orientation

Many people today are turning to solar power as an alternative source of energy. The typical electrical energy that is most commonly used in homes are expensive, non-renewable, and cause pollution. Utilizing the natural energy source of the sun eliminates these issues and is why many people are turning to solar power. One misconception about […]

Why Current Pool Building Techniques Need Stray Voltage Mitigation (Why Older Ones Didn’t)

Stray voltage mitigation is the very necessary process of ensuring stray voltage doesn’t enter the pool system and possibly electrocute someone. It achieves this in several ways, but the most important step is making sure the pool is properly grounded during the construction phase. Stray voltage itself occurs not while you’re in the water, but […]

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  • Our pool heater is 17 years old and broken. Instead of replacing it with a regular gas heater, we went solar. For only a few dollars more, my original pool builder came out and installed Thermocraft Solar Panels by CMI, and now we are making our money back by not having to pay heating bills anymore! We were paying over $300/ month with the gas heater! I also feel great about "going green" and helping the environment.