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Stray Voltage: Where Does it Come From and How Can it be Avoided?

Stray voltage can, unfortunately, become life-threatening when it is present, and it is more common than most people think. It can occur in the most everyday places, including pools, private or public, spas, marinas, boat docks, and even farms. Thankfully, there is research to help inform people of the dangers of stray voltage, where it […]

More Time at Home Means More Time to Enjoy Your Backyard

We’ve all gone through a LOT of changes to lifestyle and routine in 2020, but perhaps none so much as parents of school-aged children. With most schools being closed for the foreseeable future, you are “stuck” at home, trying to come up with endless activities to keep them entertained. Add this to your normal responsibilities […]

New 3D Pool Studio Software Systems Make Designing the Perfect Pool Easy

CMI is proud to announce we are now utilizing new 3D pool studio software systems that make designing the perfect pool easy. While pool design is always a very personalized process, you can now visualize exactly what that new pool is going to look like in your backyard! For homeowners who would love to spruce […]

Knowing the Law: Liabilities of Electric Companies vs Contractor Liability

Electric companies are seen very differently from contractors in the eyes of the law. There is different accountability for various circumstances, such as with injuries or negligence. It is important to note these differences and remain informed of the legal procedures surrounding certain incidents that may occur. Accountability for Injuries When it comes to electric […]

Swimming Safety During the COVID Crisis

To say that COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives in a big way would be a massive understatement. Just about every aspect of daily life has been affected to some degree, and enjoying time in your pool is no different. Whether it’s a backyard swimming pool or community pool, various steps need to be taken in […]

Electric Shock in Pools Causes and Prevention

Swimming and summer are synonymous with outdoor fun and creating great memories, but safety has always got to be the first and foremost in your mind. Most people will take great measures and precautions to keep the pool area safe to prevent drowning, but what about electric shock? Many pool owners and swimmers don’t even […]

Create Your Own Backyard Vacation with a Swimming Pool

Anyone that grew up with a backyard swimming pool knows just how wonderful that one item can be when it comes to creating lifelong memories. When you have a pool in your yard, there is never any reason to venture off your own property in the heat of summer. Every day can be like a […]

What is Equipotential Bonding?

Equipotential bonding creates a connection between all of the potentially conductive elements, electrical components, and metallic objects within a pool area, within five horizontal feet of the water. How is it that swimming pools can have large pieces of electrical equipment near them and literally inside them, in the water, without proving to be a […]

How to Bond a Swimming Pool

Safety should be the top concern for anyone installing a swimming pool and it is important to consider from many angles. When it comes to pool safety, people tend to think of common dangers like slip and fall injuries on a wet deck or drowning. However, there is also another risk to consider: bonding and […]

What is the Main Purpose of Equipotential Bonding?

The amount of voltage present near a pool can be hazardous. Equipotential bonding is the most effective way to limit voltage differences between sources. It also keeps people safe, reduces risk for the pool builder and mitigates legal issues. The Difference Between Grounding and Bonding Stray voltage exists in the ground when it escapes a […]

Pool bonding: Why handrails, decks, and water could shock you

Have you ever felt a shock while on your pool deck or while you are swimming? Have you ever considered getting shocked in your pool a possibility, outside of swimming during a thunderstorm? If so, the likely cause is stray voltage, and it is usually related to pools constructed without proper grounding. The practice of […]