SRCSS Ground Rod Clamp Now Available

SRCSS Ground Rod Clamp Now Available!

As a leading supplier of innovative, high-quality products, our goal has always been to lower the customer’s total acquisition cost and help installers reduce their labor costs while increasing throughput. The new SRCSS ground rod clamp is a prime example of how we do this.

The SRCSS is the only ground rod clamp your customers will ever need to buy again. With its revolutionary design, installers won’t need to make trip after trip to their distributors to get the right size clamp for the rod and wire combination being used. This ground rod clamp works with virtually every rod and wire size combination while achieving incredibly high-performance measures. Even on those jobs when the combination is different than anticipated, this clamp will still work.

SRCSS Ground Rod ClampAttaching the ground wire from the electrical service at the circuit breaker box to the ground rod outside a home or business has never been easier. It is closely comparable in price to what you’re used to using or selling while blowing it away in performance.

Being constructed of stainless steel, installers will not be able to break the clamp when they apply too much torque to it. Instead, it will strengthen and harden the more it is worked until the installer is satisfied that it will get as tight as possible. No more broken bronze cast clamps mean fast savings.

Plus, the zinc caps you’ve used for years corrode over time and eventually create a reversible connection. With the SRCSS-SH (the shear head bolt), you’ll have an irreversible connection that will stand the test of time.

The SRCSS is listed for direct burial in concrete and earth, and it is UL listed and marked for:

  • Copper bonded rods
  • Rebar
  • Galvanized rods
  • Stainless steel rods

Installers will save by not having to carry around numerous clamps for different size combinations, and will appreciate the high performance for the price of economy.

The SRCSS ground rod clamp performs the functions of:

  • Economy
  • Standard duty
  • Heavy duty
  • Extra heavy duty

The SRCSS can also be used to create an intentional bond with a listed and labeled connector as per the NEC guidelines, allowing for a code-compliant installation.

Click HERE to see the flyer for the technical specifications and even more features and benefits. If you have questions as to how the SRCSS ground rod clamp could help your customers, reach out to us today.

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