Pool Safety During the Holidays

Pool Safety During the Holidays

Holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy spending quality time together. The weather is cool, the drinks are warm, and everyone can huddle around the fire while sharing stories throughout the year. Sounds cozy right? But what happens with your pool during the holidays and wintertime while everyone is bundled up and it’s too cold to swim? If you don’t prepare properly, your pool could become dangerous for your loved ones.

Taking the time and implementing safety features will help ensure that everyone can stay safe in and around the pool area this holiday season. Several tools are available to help keep guests accident free around the pool, such as gate latches, alarms, covers, ladders that lock, and signs.

Pool CoversPool covers offer many benefits for you and your visitors. Not only do they offer protection for your pool from falling leaves and debris, safety covers offer protection to people who are around the pool should an accident happen and someone find themselves on top of it. Unlike tarps that can be held down with blocks or heavy objects, safety covers are held in place with heavy-duty springs, anchors, and straps. These fasteners give the cover strength if weight is applied and will last for years due to the high quality of materials used. It is well worth the investment long term, not just for practicality but also for peace of mind.

Signs and alarms are a great deterrent for guests as well. The holidays are an exciting time. As everyone arrives, it can get a little hectic, making it difficult to remember to tell everyone who walks through the door about the pool and pool area being off-limits. This is when signs and alarms can be a great tool to communicate. If, by some chance, a sign doesn’t quite get the message across, pool and door alarms are a great backup tool. Pool alarms work by a sensor; when weight is detected in the pool that shouldn’t be there, the alarm will alert you. This is a wonderful tool not only for adults and children but for animals who may accidentally encounter the pool. Door alarms can also assist in keeping unwanted guests in the area. If you install them on the doors or gates that lead to the pool area, you will be alerted if someone enters.

If you have an above ground pool, using a fence and ladders that lock can help keep your pool area safe. The above-ground fence kits can be customized to fit your size pool since they come in sections. Locking ladders can add an extra level of protection with an upward locking system or door that closes off the steps leading to the water, which can help eliminate danger.

Having safety features around your pool area is great, but having rules in place is good for everyone. Establishing a safe environment for your guests can help eliminate added worry and stress to not only your holiday season but any gathering throughout the year.

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