Building a Pool in Winter

Believe it or not, building a pool in winter is actually the best time to do it! Building during the off-season can mean more availability, more savings, and better deals. That can help you fit the backyard oasis of your dreams in your budget and give the entire family an enticing outdoor living area to enjoy once spring and summer roll around!

Benefits of Building a Pool in the Winter

Many builders have increased availability in the colder months as it tends to be the offseason. Often, sales are run during these months as well, and special deals can be available from the manufacturers and/or the builders themselves, saving you money. More dedicated time from your builder can also mean a shorter build process.

You won’t have to worry about time constraints or deadlines. Yes, in many climates, you will occasionally run into delays due to the weather, but there’s no stress! Those hot months aren’t going to be here for a while, so there’s less to worry about for everyone involved. Good to get it done during the downtime and have your personal paradise ready and waiting for you.

Benefits of Building a Pool in the WinterIf your outdoor living design includes landscaping, planting in the winter gives those shrubs, bushes, trees, or hedges additional weeks (or months) to take root and be beautiful by peak swimming season.

The heat isn’t as severe for the installers and for the curious and interested homeowners who want to observe the build process. There is also less chance of heatstroke, dehydration, and other ailments caused by the heat for all.

It gives you plenty of time to decide on all the intricate details you want to include in your pool design. Tanning shelves, benches, diving boards, waterfalls, and more will have ample time to be designed, brought to life, and installed before your eyes, and will be plenty ready for when you need them.

You’ll have the time you might need to research options on pool treatments and determine which will be right for your family.

If you opt to install solar heating on your pool, you might be able to use it as soon as spring rolls around, which will be before you know it. There’s no reason to wait to jump in if you’re in a moderate climate.

If you’re ready to get started on designing the pool, spa, deck, or outdoor living space you’ve always wanted, reach out to the experts at Consolidated Manufacturing International.

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