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Swimming Pool Solar – Why Professional Installation is Best

There are many advantages of having a heated pool, including the potential to enjoy swimming year-round, no matter what the season. A heated pool also increases your overall property value. An increasingly popular and green-friendly option is the solar pool heater, which can lead to an even greater increase in value than its electric or gas counterparts since it often lasts longer. While it’s clear that a solar heated pool is a great investment for your home when it comes to the installation, is this a feasible DIY project, or should you leave it up to the professionals?

The Pros of Having a Professional Installation

  • A properly installed and cared-for solar pool heater will typically perform well with little to no maintenance for decades
  • Oftentimes, professionally installed systems are backed by excellent product and service warranties
  • Professionals obtain valuable product knowledge and experience
  • Having a professional install your pool heater can save you time, effort, and peace of mind (the entire process can take you between 1-4 months)
  • A solar panel is not necessarily something you want to get on discount
  • Even if you do your research and choose a high-quality panel, sometimes professionals can’t or won’t use your panels
  • Solar panels involve electricity, and any work with electricity can be dangerous, even if you are a professional
  • Roof work can also be dangerous, and unless your roof is perfectly flat, solar installation involves drilling holes into your roof, which, if done incorrectly, can lead to leakage and/or mold issues

The Pros of a DIY Installation

  • If you enjoy the fulfillment of a DIY project, the do it yourself route may be a fun challenge for you
  • If done correctly, it can save you money in planning and installation costs

Final Verdict

Overall, there are some things better left to the professionals. In the case of heated pool installation, it seems the benefits of investing in excellent service for your pool with a team of experienced and certified professionals may outweigh a DIY installation. If you choose the ambitious DIY route, you are on your own if there is ever fault with the equipment. With professional install, your pool will be installed properly and with a much lower chance of the need for repairs in the long-term.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:
  • Our pool heater is 17 years old and broken. Instead of replacing it with a regular gas heater, we went solar. For only a few dollars more, my original pool builder came out and installed Thermocraft Solar Panels by CMI, and now we are making our money back by not having to pay heating bills anymore! We were paying over $300/ month with the gas heater! I also feel great about "going green" and helping the environment.