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Thermocraft Solar Panels

Our proprietary thermocraft solar panels will keep your pool warmer for longer. Plus, they’re cheaper than using a gas or electric heat pump to warm your pool! The main thing that sets Thermocraft solar panels apart from the rest is their patented design. That means they have “No Stress, No Seams, No Leaks!”

Why Use Thermocraft Solar Panels

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Why Use Thermocraft Solar Panels?

You will experience unique advantages with this system that you won’t see with other solar panels! We utilize the latest technology to design and manufacture Thermocraft solar panels. This means you don’t have to struggle with the most common complaints from homeowners who use older (or other) panels.

No Stress: Our patented design allows the collector portion to connect with the header portion of the panel, on a tangent. This allows the panel to lay flat on your roof. Other panels have the collector attaching in the center of the header pipe and then the weight of the collector pulling it down onto the roof. That creates stress at the attachment point on the other panels.

No Seams: When Thermocraft panels are made, the collector portion is not “attached” to the header, which results in a seam. We actually insert the ends of the collector strips into a giant injection mold machine and shoot the molten plastic onto the collector ends in the shape of the header pipe. When the molten plastic hardens, it becomes one solid piece, and thus there are no seams for a leak to appear.

No Leaks: in addition to the absence of stress and seams, we use more plastic than anyone in making our panels. There is a trade off between longevity and performance. The thinner the panel walls, the better the panels perform (transfer heat to the water). The thicker the walls, the longer they last. You CAN have the best of both worlds, however. By using many times more (solar absorbing) carbon in our proprietary plastic resin, we can have thicker walls than other panels, while getting as good or better performance than other panels! Most manufacturers don’t do this because it costs more, and also it makes the panels much more difficult to manufacture. We have perfected this process to allow you to have the best performing panel (1,000 BTU/Sq.Ft.), while having the thickest and longest lasting panels.

How Do Thermocraft Solar Panels Work

How Do Thermocraft Solar Panels Work?

To put it simply, they work like this. Cold water gets pumped up to the bottom header pipe of the panels, where the pressure pushes it slowly up through the dark panels, which have been soaking up sun and getting hot. That heat gets transferred into the pool water and flows back into your pool. The pool pump will push the water up to the solar panels initially, but after the panels are full and the water begins returning to the pool. A siphoning action kicks in and actually pulls the water through the panels with very little effort from the pool pump. There is a constant cycling of cold water coming out from your pool to get warmed up by the panels, and the warm water flowing back into your pool.

“No Stress, No Seams, No Leaks” means an easier life, with longer, warmer days ahead. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars a month for electric or gas heating for your pool. Get your heat for FREE with these revolutionary thermocraft solar panels!

What Our Customers Are Saying:
  • Our pool heater is 17 years old and broken. Instead of replacing it with a regular gas heater, we went solar. For only a few dollars more, my original pool builder came out and installed Thermocraft Solar Panels by CMI, and now we are making our money back by not having to pay heating bills anymore! We were paying over $300/ month with the gas heater! I also feel great about "going green" and helping the environment.