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Pool Solar Panels

Pool solar panels are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, especially for new home construction projects. Our patented pool solar panels will give you an easy, cost-effective solution for your clients’ pool heating needs.

Thermocraft Solar Swimming Pool Panels

Swimming Pool Solar Panels - Built to Last, Easy to Install

Our proprietary Thermocraft solar panels utilize the latest developments in technology and design. Panels include extra carbon for better heat transfer and UV protection for longevity. Our pool solar panels are built to last and easy to install.

  • No Stress: Other panels have the collector attached in the center of the header pipe, which causes stress at the attachment point. Our patented design connects the collector with the header on a tangent, allowing the panel to lie flat on the roof and eliminating unnecessary installation adjustments.
  • No Seams: Our solar water heaters are made using an injection mold machine. The custom collector ends are molded in the shape of the header pipe. Since the molten plastic hardens into one solid piece, this seamless design prevents unneeded water seepage.
  • No Leaks: Our solar pool heaters are built to last. We use more plastic to make our panel walls, which increases their strength. Due to the carbon content of our proprietary plastic resin, we offer the best performing panel with a heat transfer of 1,000 BTU/Sq. Ft.

When Thermocraft solar panels are operational, cold water gets pumped to the bottom header pipe of the panels. Pressure pushes the water through the dark panels, where heat from the sun warms the cold liquid. Warmed water then cycles back to the pool while cool water enters the system.

Advantages of Solar Panels for Your Pool

Advantages of Solar Panels for Your Pool

Long-Term Savings

Although the initial investment for Thermocraft panels is larger, the annual savings make the panels worth it. Long-term savings aren’t the only advantage of our solar panels; they also last longer and need fewer repair or maintenance appointments. Your clients will see a high return on investment from this method, especially when compared to electric or gas heating options.

Output is Unaffected by Weather

Homeowners with solar heat can often increase their swim time throughout the year. Solar panel heaters offer a comfortable swim even when the outside air is chilly.

Easy Transition with Seasons

And when it comes time to winterize the panels, they are designed for simple, near complete draining.

Minimal Noise

The solar pool heaters are also quiet. Reducing noise in the neighborhood and when enjoying time in the backyard is much easier with solar than gas and electric alternatives.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar pool heater panels are a green solution, offering a clean source of energy from a renewable resource. There are no emissions. The lack of environmental impact is a huge bonus for the eco-friendly consumer.


We even offer different panel sizes and a sizing calculator so that every setup perfectly fits suits the pool owner’s needs.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the advantages of solar panels for pool heating. View our catalog to learn more about our advanced solar heating technology.