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Benefits of Solar Heat vs Electric or Gas Heat

There are numerous benefits of solar heat vs electric heat, and in this article we’re going to highlight some of the key ones for you. Spoiler alert: if you like warm water, saving money, and helping the environment… we’re pretty sure you’re going to like what you’ll hear!

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What are the Benefits of Solar Heat vs Electric Heat

What Are the Benefits of Solar Heat Vs Electric or Gas Heat?

Homeowners with solar heat for their pool can often as much as double their swim time throughout the year! While most homeowners tend to only swim a few months out of the year due to how chilly the water can get (and how expensive it is to heat it with traditional pool heaters), that timeframe can often be doubled by using solar heating.

How much do you pay to heat your pool with an electric or gas heater? $100 a month? $300 a month? You can recoup your initial investment into a solar heating system within just one and a half to seven years (per – and expect to keep on saving for years after that!

How often have you had to get your pool heater serviced for maintenance? It’s probably been a bit of a pain in that regard… solar panels are much lower maintenance.

You may think solar panels cost twice as much as an electric or gas heater, but it actually cost about half. Why? Because your electric or gas heater will only last about 5 years while your solar system usually last 20 years or more, so you will have to buy 4 or 5 gas or electric heaters before you have to replace your solar system!

Plus, there are no emissions from using solar power, so it’s a totally green, clean source of energy!

Who wants their peaceful, relaxing float to be jarred by the loud sound of the heater? Thermocraft solar panel systems are virtually silent, and keep your water warm without the annoying sound effects.

Why Go Solar

Why Go Solar?

If you love paying several hundred dollars a month for your pool’s heating bill, getting annual maintenance on the heater, and not getting to use your pool for more than a few months of the year… don’t switch to solar.

But if you’re interested in renewable resources that keep on giving back to you (and the environment), there’s a lot of reasons you might want to choose solar. It makes even more sense for those who live in areas that get a lot of sunshine. For instance, in Florida, installing a solar heating system for your pool can help give you more than 300 days a year where you and your family can enjoy your pool!

We would be happy to help you enjoy the benefits of solar heat vs electric or gas heat. View our catalog to learn more about our advanced solar heating technology!

What Our Customers Are Saying:
  • Our pool heater is 17 years old and broken. Instead of replacing it with a regular gas heater, we went solar. For only a few dollars more, my original pool builder came out and installed Thermocraft Solar Panels by CMI, and now we are making our money back by not having to pay heating bills anymore! We were paying over $300/ month with the gas heater! I also feel great about "going green" and helping the environment.