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Personal Protective Equipment

CMI maintains manufacturing plants and relationships around the world. After the global outbreak of Covid-19, demand of PPE specifically Chemotherapy Drug Tested 100% Nitrile Powder Free Gloves, skyrocketed and left front line workers in possible jeopardy. Due to said relationships, CMI has pivoted to connecting demand with supply and fulfilling its mission to increase shareholder and partner value, while assisting in humanitarian efforts.

CMI is currently able to supply countries, wholesalers, or hospital chains with containers of either N95 Masks or Nitrile Gloves both Chemotherapy Drug Tested and non-Chemotherapy Drug Tested such as those used in food preparation and service. These products are delivered to the purchaser at competitive prices, due to the global supply competency of CMI.

Many other PPE products can be delivered at less than container load quantities, as CMI expands its business in this area. Contact CMI today with your ongoing or spot-buy requirements for PPE.

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510K Certifications available on all products

Various ASTM specifications are met depending on the product

SGS certifications available for all containers

Shipping is to any destination worldwide, with some exceptions

What Our Customers Are Saying:
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