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Maintenance Tips for Your Solar Pool Heating

A swimming pool can provide year-round fun and relaxation; however, it can also be quite expensive to heat and maintain, often diminishing many of the benefits of having a pool or spa. Expense is one of the top reasons people switch to solar pool heating. While it is an initial investment, once the solar panels are installed, they require very little attention. The monthly power savings, too, are significant.

Solar Pool Panel Maintenance TipsOne of the biggest challenges to owning a pool can be heating. Gas or electric pool heaters tend to be extremely expensive, costing up to several hundred dollars a month and requiring frequent maintenance.

Solar pool heating not only cuts down on monthly costs; it also has a positive impact on the environment. By adding solar heating to your pool, you can easily use your pool well beyond the regular swim season without added expense.

If you live in an area of the country that stays relatively warm year-round or gets extremely hot during the summer months, solar pool heating can even help cool the water down. By running the solar heaters at night, the water cools, preventing the “bathtub” effect during the warm season.

A professionally installed solar heating system can last substantially longer than gas or electric versions, often upwards of 15 years or more. These systems also require very little maintenance. Still, there are some simple steps you can take to help ensure the longevity of your solar heating system.

Regular pool maintenance: One of the most important things you can do to make your solar pool heating system last longer is maintaining the filtration system. This rule applies regardless of what type of pool heating system you choose. The filter should be maintained and cleaned according to manufacturer recommendations. This ensures proper flow to the solar collection system. The pH and chlorine levels should also be kept within the specifications.

  • Test through touch: Before each use, you should test the water temperature. If the solar system is operating properly, the water should feel cool to the touch. If it seems unusually warm, contact your solar heating company. Schedule regular inspections with a solar professional.
  • Winterization: Whether you live in a region where the swimming season only lasts a few months or year-round, your solar system should be turned off during freezing temperatures. By winterizing your solar panels, you can ensure problem-free performance for many years.

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