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Can my older pool be retrofit with stray voltage protection

I have an older pool that is being restored. I have been reading about stray voltage and am concerned. Can my older pool be retrofit to handle any stray voltage problems that may occur.

Unfortunately no. Multiple tests by EPRI(Electric Power Research Institute) & NEETRAC(National Electric Energry Testing, Research & Aplications Center) prove that an equipotential bonding grid is required to provide sufficient protection around the perimeter surface. That equipotential bonding grid has to be constructed of structural steel (rebar) tied in 12" x 12" grid spacing, or #8 bare solid copper wire, welded in 12" x 12" grid spacing. This usually is implemented during initial construction, but if you have an older deck with no bonding grid inside or underneath it, that means your deck must be torn out, and replaced with a new deck with a proper bonding grid inside/underneath.

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