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Extend Your Swimming Season Through the Fall with Solar Panels

Now that the kids are home for longer than usual, what better time to maximize your use of the pool? As we get into the fall months and those nights get cooler and cooler, you don’t have to lose the warm water in your pool! Thermocraft solar panels provide an incredible way to keep your pool warm year-round, at great value and energy cost savings.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of going the solar route for your pool before, now is the time to find out more! The solar heating systems we offer are unique to others on the market, and provide many benefits you just won’t see with other systems.

How Will Solar Panels Keep My Pool Warm?

How Will Solar Panels Keep My Pool Warm?

The system has several components, the first of which is a pipe that sucks, or pumps, the cold water out of the pool, and along the route to the pipe that runs along the bottom of the solar panels on the roof. These dark panels have been soaking up the heat from the sun, so when the water is slowly pumped through these panels, the heat transfers into the water. This water eventually makes its way to the top of the panels, and into the return pipe, where it travels back into the pool.

While this cycle is begun with the aid of the pool pump, once those solar panels are full of water, it rapidly becomes a siphoning cycle, with the alternating push and pull of the water from the pipes creating the pressure within the solar heating system that moves the water largely on its own accord.

That means very little energy is required, not only in heating the water, but in the constant cycling of the water between the pool and the heating system as well. By utilizing the power of the sun to heat the water, you are, in fact, heating your pool for free!

Since these systems often last as long as 20 years, you’ll be looking at considerable energy savings for decades to come! Can you imagine just how many pool days you’ll be able to take advantage of (in all seasons) with this revolutionary pool heating system?

Our specialists would be happy to consult with you and help you design the perfect solar panel system to keep your pool toasty year-round.