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Equipotential Bonding Grids

Since the use of fiber reinforced concrete started in swimming pools, equipotential bonding grids have become the standard solution to stray voltage. Independent testing has shown that equipotential can effectively mitigate stray voltage. Ensure the safety of your clients and protect your reputation with our high-quality equipotential bonding and grounding solutions.

Equipotential Bonding Grid Kits

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Due to a lack of a real solution on the market, we engineered and built our own equipotential bonding grids. Now you can rapidly purchase what you need. Or, call one of our team and tell them the specs of your build, and we can send you exactly what you need.

Equipotential Bonding Grid Kits

Our standard equipotential bonding grid kits come in two sizes. A 2 by 100 foot grid, and a 3 by 100 foot grid. Each equipotential grid size comes with the exact amount of clamps and metal stakes needed for installation. So you don’t need to worry about shopping around for extra parts. You also get the benefit of knowing that you are getting the best parts, like our JRD Rebar/Pipe Clamp that was custom engineered by our team and is UL listed. Almost all inspectors are familiar with our patented equipment and this can lead to faster compliance approvals.

Code Requirement

Code Requirement

The subject of code requirements for equipotential bonding grids is a difficult one. On the one hand, the bonding requirements (CMP17) call for a bonding grid of rebar or copper around the pool shell. However, the requirement for a matching bonding grid in the pool deck was removed. In fact the requirement was unanimously voted back in during 2011 by the electrical section of the NFPA. (With support from major subject matter experts.) The bonding requirements were then overruled by the code panel.

So there is a situation where the experts in the field and numerous studies all agree that a rebar or a copper bonding grid should be required around the pool perimeter. But the current code does not explicitly require it. Certain jurisdictions still require following the 2005 version of the NEC, so be sure to check your local regulations to get a better idea of what your inspector may require.

Since 2002, CMI has been the leading source for all your swimming pool and spa equipotential grid products. Our products are proudly made in the USA. We are here to help you get the job done right the first time.

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