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Wire & Wiring Kits

High-quality electrical wire is designed and manufactured to meet strict industry standards for safety and performance. It is typically made from high-grade copper or aluminum conductors, which ensures excellent conductivity and minimal energy loss. The insulation used in high-quality wires is durable, heat-resistant, and designed to prevent electrical leakage or short circuits. These wires are also usually marked with relevant certification symbols, indicating compliance with safety and quality standards, providing confidence in their reliability for electrical applications.

Control Wire,

22 Gauge Tracer Wire – 1000′ Tracer Wire

8 Bare Copper Bonding Wire

1/2″ NM Liq Tite X 6 FT (4) Wire Whip Kits For Motor Hook-Up W/ Accessories Wire Whip Kits.


CMI utilizes automation to produce common size wire whip kits so installers can focus on installation and not making products.  Check out the partially stripped ends of the wires!  This allows installers to simply pull off the insulation and eliminates the need to manually strip.